Frizbee services and solutions

Frizbee is the best platform for issuing and managing prepaid activities allowing brands to be present throughout the customer journey. 

How it works?


The Frizbee solution is a Saas platform (Software as a service) which, connected to the checkout system, allows you to manage the prepaid codes of the brand for easy use throughout the journey of brand customers to creare gift cards, vouchers,  coupons, compensation coupons, rewards following surveys… Frizbee personalizes the form of prepaid codes and distributes them as a needed by providing brands with ergonomic steering tools marketing its operations simple, readable and afficient. 

A single platform for the management of all prepaid programs

A single point of contact to address the entire market

A person will be dedicated to you for the implementation of all the features you have chosen, monitoring your activity and assistance in achieveing your goals, Personalized and embodied service !

Rapid deployement of personalized platforms for the distribution of your gift cards

Once your objectives have been defined, we will assist you with the rapid implentation of the technical interfaces so that we are able to start the activity in a few weeks. 

A reseller distribtuion network already connected to the Frizbee platform

The majority of the most important resellers on the market are already connected to the Frizbee platform. If you are not already working with them, we will put you in touch so that you can choose your partners and define your distribution network. Naturally, we will assist you in integrating any resellers that you own that are not yet connected to Frizbee. 

An ergonomic platform to easily manage you reseller

The management of your distribution network for professionals is ensured by the Frizbee platform in a simple and immediate manner. Track the level of your orders, deliveries, invoices… using dashboards adapted to your situation. 

Optimization of your operational costs to manage the prepaid activity thanks to the performance of the Frizbee platforms

Using Frizbee means limiting your prepaid management costs to the bare minimum, the plateform does then work for you. Invoices, data, customer accounts, avoid having to set up a large team: an activity manager using Frizbee is enough !

Steering your business in real time thanks to the monitoring dashboard

Frizbee is the use of prepaid throughout your customer journey. All sales, marketing or customer service activities are monitored with adapted dashboards and updated in real time. 

Guaranteed security and image quality for your brand across the entire customer journey thanks s to Frizbee technology

The Frizbee platform is a white label service that is personalized with your colors and scrupulosly respecting your prescriptions. It guarantees the respect of the quality of your image as well as the IT security of all your prepaid operations. 

The same process for the distribution of your physical and digtital gift cards.

For your sales to professionals or individuals, the Frizbee platform manages the distribution of your digital or physical gift cards with the same interface. For physical gift cards, our factory in Mareuil can produce your gift cards on demande and send them directly to your customers according to your prescriptions.